Easy Accomodations Group Properties/House policy


We strive to provide our guests with an exceptionally clean, safe, and friendly hotel experience.

The following Hotel Policy/House Rules have been established based on industry standards, management and operational procedures, and our personal experience of owning and operating differents accommodations since 2015. These Hotel Policy/House Rules are considered a part of our reservation agreement with you.

As our hotel guest, by reading and signing your hotel registration you are agreeing to abide by all of our Hotel Policy/House Rules, terms and conditions, and procedures.

These Hotel Policy/House Rules are presented here to help promote our guest’s safety and enjoyment and to ensure that each guest is aware of the understandings between the Easy Accomodations Group and the guest.

Our Hotel Policy/House Rules may change from time to time, so please check back often.


Thank you for choosing our properties for your relax.


Gianmarco Varrone



1-       100% SMOKE FREE

The Easy Budget Colosseo has been 100% Smoke-Free since 01 October 2017. For safety and to assure that our facility is not exposed to items or actions that create an odor which is unhealthy and objectionable to our guests and staff, and that is difficult to remove from the air, carpet, walls, and furniture we do not permit smoking tobacco, illegal drugs, e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaping, cartridges containing the liquid of nicotine, hookahs, incense, cooking, cigars, candle burning, the use or diffusing of patchouli oil or other strong-smelling plantbased essential oils or synthetic products in our facility. Guests are encouraged to notify Front Desk staff immediately if they smell cigarette, or other objectionable odors. This policy is not intended to stop people from smoking, but to regulate where they smoke and how it affects others. A Designated Smoking Area is provided outside the balcony. Drugs are prohibited at all times.

As per law of December 30, 2014 No. 311, in Italy it’s strictly forbidden to smoke in enclosed public places, including accommodations.

1.1-   CANDLE, INCENSE, ESSENTIAL OILS: Candle, incense, essential oils (diffusing, vaporizing, etc.) are prohibited. These items and activities will be treated as smoking.


1.2-  NO-COOKING, COOKING APPLIANCES, COMBUSTIBLES, and OR FIREWORKS: The safety of our guests, staff, and this facility is extremely important to us. Except for the refrigerator units that the hotel provides, preparation of food in guest rooms by any type of cooking appliances is prohibited. Fireworks are not allowed anywhere on hotel property.


PLEASE NOTE :The guest hereby agree that,  In case of non-respect of the prohibition stated at the points 1, 1.1, 1.2 , the Easy Accomodations reserve the right to charge a 200,00 € deep cleaning fee directly on the credit card used to guarantee the reservation. The fee is fully NON – REFUNDABLE.

2-       GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS: All reservations must be guaranteed with a valid major credit card. Guests must be 18 years and older. We accept Visa, Master Card and Visa Debit Card.Please check your reservation policy. Please make sure to receive a reservation confirmation number when you make a reservation. Reservations must be cancelled according the cancellation policy of your booking(hotel

time), prior to your arrival date, in order to avoid a 100% cancellation fee. Reservations will be held until 11:00 P.M. the day of your scheduled arrival date. If you have not checked in by that time, a NO-SHOW charge of 100% of the total, will be charged to your credit card and the balance of your reservations will be cancelled. The Easy Accomodations is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes.


3-       CHECK-IN REQUIREMENTS: Guests must be at least 18 years of age to check in at The Grand Hotel Wicklow. In the interests of security and to prevent fraud, guests are required to confirm their identity by providing their valid government issued photo identification (Driver’s license, passport, etc.) at check-in. In case that the guest reservation is not guaranteed by any credit card a 100,00 € cash deposit will be required upon arrival which will be returned on check out should there be no incidents or damage to the property of Easy Accomodations.

4-       CHECK-OUT TIME: Room checkout time is at 10:30 AM. PLEASE NOTE : The guest hereby agree that in case of late checkout additional day charge may be charged directly using the credit card used to guarantee the reservation.

5-       SPECIAL REQUESTS: We will make every effort to honor special requests such as a specific floor or room number, roll-away beds, etc. upon your arrival. All special requests are noted on reservations and we will do our best to accommodate. However, the availability of these items cannot be guaranteed in advance.

6-       PAYMENT: All reservations and registration must be guaranteed with a valid major credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card and Visa Debit. Pursuant to credit card agreements, credit cards are not valid unless signed by the cardholder. Credit cards must be signed. Cash payment is welcomed. All guests are required to present a valid government issued photo identification even if guests are planning on paying in cash upon check-out. Checks and foreign currency not accepted.

7-       DEBIT CARD/CREDIT CARD HOLDERS : The Easy Accomodations has no control over the policies of your bank and will not be held liable for any “insufficient funds” penalties or any other resulting fees or charges. It is your responsibility to fully understand the manner in which your bank processes and charges to your debit or credit card

8-       QUIET HOURS: 10:00 p.m. to 9 a.m. If you become aware of a disruptive guest, please contact emergency staff immediately at the emergency number provided. Televisions, voices, or other devices must be kept at a respectful low level at all times. Doors should be opened and closed quietly. No congregating or running in halls.

9-       VISITORS: No visitors after 10:00 p.m are allowe in the guest’s room. Visitors must notify Front Desk upon their arrival. Visitors must be accompanied by the registered guest at all times. Visitors are not allowed to use guest amenities. As a registered guest, you are responsible for your visitor at all times. Visitors are allowed to access the guest room for a maximum of 1hr. In case our staff notify the presence of unregistered visitors, being it a Italian law violation, the guest may be subject to a police report and a penalty fee of € 500,00.


 PLEASE NOTE : The guest hereby agree to be jointly and severally responsible for all the damages made from the visitor and that every restoring cost or visitor’s violation policy penalty fee of € 500,00 will be directly charged on the credit card used to guarantee the reservation.

10-   DO-NOT DISTURB AND ACCESS TO ROOMS: To provide all of our guests with an exceptionally clean and safe hotel experience, we provide daily housekeeping. Our Housekeeping Staff will honor the “DO NOT DISTURB” door hanger once during a twenty-four period indicating that the room is occupied. The Housekeeping Staff is required to enter the room at subsequent times to clean the room, check for safety, and verify the condition of the room. Management reserves the right to enter a room with a known status of “DO NOT DISTURB” for reasonable purposes, such as an emergency, housekeeping, maintenance, verify that the room, its furnishings, and mechanical equipment are intact, or to address or prevent a violation of our Hotel Policy/House Rules. In the event of suspected illegal activity, management reserves the right to summon law enforcement to aid in eviction. The right to privacy ends when a Hotel Policy/House Rule is broken. Law enforcement will be granted immediate access to hotel property and rooms of evicted guests.

11-   LOST & FOUND POLICY: The Easy Accomodations assumes no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings. If you discover that you have left behind something of value to you, please call us immediately (+39)3313966359 and we will try to assist you in locating your lost item.

12-   FOUND ITEMS: The Easy Accomodations is not responsible for any item left behind by a guest. However, any item, with the exception of perishable items, left behind by our guests and found after departure by Housekeeping will be collected, logged in, and kept in a secure location for collection by the owner for up to fourteen (14) days. Records of Lost & Found items are retained for 6 Months. Reasonable effort will be made to notify the guest that an item has been found. Perishable items, underwear, and miscellaneous toiletries are discarded.

13-   RETURN:We would be happy to return your lost item(s) to you by a shipping service. Your credit card will be charged for the price of shipping and packaging plus a €10.00 handling fee. A separate receipt will be mailed to you. The Easy Accomodations is not responsible for any item lost or misdirected during shipment by the shipping service. A shipping tracking number will be provided  with the receipt of payment.

14-   UNCLAIMED ITEMS/NO CONTACT: Lost & Found items are held for fourteen (14) days while we attempt to contact the guest. If guest contact information is incorrect or mobile phone mailbox is full and we are unable to contact the guest during the fourteen (14) day holding period, the unclaimed item(s) are thrown away, given to local organizations, or disposed of accordingly by the Easy Accomodations.

15-   FREE Wi-Fi ACCESS: Access to our Wi-Fi is free for our registered guests. The hotel Wi-Fi does require an access code provided upon check in. Wi-Fi signals are subject to change without notice depending on the room’s location, the status of our Wi-Fi-equipment, and interference from other local wireless signals. The Easy Accomodations assumes no liability for guest use.

16-   DAMAGE AND/OR THEFT OF HOTEL PROPERTY : You are liable for any damage howsoever caused (whether by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the room (s), hotel’s premises or property caused by you or any person in your party whether or not staying at the hotel during your stay. The Easy Accomodations reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details as presented at registration and charge or debit the credit /debit card such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make good the cost or expenses incurred or suffered by the easy accomodations property as a result of the aforesaid. We will make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialist to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum. 

17-   DAMAGE DISCOVERED AFTER CHECK-OUT: Guest Rooms found with waste strewn around, in complete disorder, and/or “trashed” will be subject to maintenance deep cleaning fee, administration fee and/or third party fees.


PLEASE NOTE : The guest agree and authorize the Easy Accomodations  to charge the credit or debit card given to guarantee the room  for any damage incurred to the room or the Hotel property during the guest stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking fee, cleaning fee, guest compensation, etc.

18-   CHANGES OR MODIFICATION TO THE HOTEL POLICY/HOUSE RULES: Easy Accomodations reserves the right to amend, modify, change, cancel, vary or add to these Hotel Policies/House Rules or the arrangements and content featured on our Hotel website at any time without prior notice. Please check our website regularly for updates to Hotel Policy/House Rules. Any modification to these Hotel Policy/House Rules that occurs before your departure is considered a part of your reservations agreement with us. A copy of these Hotel Policy/House Rules is located on our website, in the Guest Room Notebook, and available from Front Desk staff upon request.